If you want to apply for Indian e visa, then you got to know the requirements first. Without knowing the eligibility criteria, you will not be able to decide that whether you can apply for this visa or not. Indian electronic-visa is much more improved than that of traditional one.

Primary Requirements:

  • Passport-info should be submitted online along with application-form, and on the other hand, blank visa-pages should be maintained so that proper stamping can be done. The applicants should surely carry original-passports with themselves.
  • Passport-styled digital-photos need to be scanned and submitted online. On the other hand, you also need to produce travel-arrangement proofs. Onward or round-trip confirmation oriented airline-tickets should be produced online for proper verification.
  • You should check out the country-list once to get the assurance that your country can make easy application for Indian electronic-visa. There are some countries where citizens have got few restrictions in applying for Indian-visa online.
  • You should have a fair knowledge about visa-validity otherwise you might face unwanted legal issues at the end of the day. Visiting the official-page can be one of the best means for acquiring knowledge about visa-validity. Extensions over Tourist-visas can be easily gained.

The requirements need to be reviewed again and again to apply Indian electronic-visa properly without any flaws. The form should be thoroughly checked before submitting online for correcting the underlying errors. You should also acquire intricate knowledge regarding how to make a successful application for the visa online.